Zyxl, in a Twitter thread that James White started yesterday:

Can men commit the sin of intentionally drinking large amounts of alcohol while pregnant? Can young children commit the sins of paedophilia? Can an orphan disobey their parents?

What this person fails to understand is this: we do not all have equal opportunity to exercise a specific outward manifestation of a sin, but we do all have equal depravity to perform that sin in our hearts and in other outward ways. Sin begins in the heart, and at the root of all sin is a failure to love God with all our heart and our neighbor as ourself. Because of varying circumstances, not everyone can demonstrate that failure in exactly the same way. But that’s very different from saying that some groups of people are incapable of committing certain sins. The sin that’s at the root of drinking large amounts of alcohol while pregnant is something anyone can be guilty of. People like Zyxl are confused about what sin truly is from God’s perspective.

I like how 19_mo_86 said it:

While I’m not surprised at the secular world being confused on this simple point, I never dreamed genuine, bible believing, orthodox, Christ following people would be just as confused. This is so basic! I’m at a loss here.

This is where we’re at, folks.