Chris Gordon recently interviewed Rosaria Butterfield and the entire thing is seething with gems.1 Among other things, Chris asked Rosaria to talk about intersectionality and she had this to say a bit past 19 minutes in:

One of the concerns that Christians should have is that intersectionality is no friend to the gospel. Because it starts with a false understanding of personhood. A person is not someone who finds a subject position through intersections of oppression. A person is an image-bearer of a holy God, made male and female, with a soul that will last forever. And if in Christ, a glorified body that will be sexed, that will be male and female, inheriting to the new Jerusalem. And if not in Christ, a sexed body that will indeed suffer in hell for eternity. So to start with the wrong view of personhood, you can never arrive at a Christian ethic starting with anything but a Christian anthropology.

I’ve read her first book but it’s always insightful to hear someone give an impromptu talk such as this interview. Genetics helps, but this level of clarity and precision on the fly can only come from a disciplined life of dedicated reading, writing, thinking, talking, and memorizing. It behooves God’s people to strive for more of this.

  1. The interview is divided into two parts, the second of which repeats the first until a bit over the halfway mark. ↩︎