Yearly now sports full compatibility with Dark Mode in iOS, and it allows you to directly read the Old and New Testament portions for each day. This is the #1 request I’ve received since I launched the app in December 2017. Yearly has enjoyed more than 12,000 downloads this year and I’m excited to see it continue to grow in 2020. It’s encouraging to see people use it to read the entire Bible for the first time. Other apps have schedules (YouVersion is a big one) but no other app offers a schedule with a simple and elegant design like Yearly. I think Yearly fulfills a unique role here.

It took me a long time to build out this “go to the reading” feature, mostly because I won’t use it. When I’m reading a Bible on my iPhone, I prefer NeuBible. It’s the best-designed Bible in the App Store. But NeuBible doesn’t support deep linking, and I’ve been hesitant to build a deep linking integration towards some other app.1

Eventually however, popular demand won out. Too many people were asking for it! I’ve answered a lot of support emails the past year where people wanted to know how they could go to the day’s reading. For a while I resorted to copying and pasting this “macro” as my response:

Hi [firstname],

Alas, this app does not have an actual Bible in it. You’ll want to either download a 3rd party one from the App Store (I highly recommend NeuBible, or if you’re looking for a free one, Bible by Life.Church is good too) or use a physical copy.

Hope that helps!

I got tired of having to say this. Finally a close friend pushed me over the edge and I shipped the feature.

If you download YouVersion for iOS, the deep link takes you directly to the appropriate place in YouVersion’s app. If you don’t have YouVersion installed, as a fallback it takes you to, the website version of the app.2 Thanks to LifeChurch for giving me permission to use their platform for this often-requested feature!

  1. This, despite my pleading with the developer to build this out for me. He’s busy, I get it. ↩︎
  2. I programmed the website to default to the New American Standard Bible, my favorite English translation. If you want to use a translation other than this, just download YouVersion and change the version, and the deep link will remember your preference. ↩︎