I’m Martyn Chamberlin, a Christian who writes software for a living. This website is about establishing a chronology and time frame of today’s events from the viewpoint of someone in the trenches. Think of this as my Twitter feed.

Martyn Chamberlin

We’re at a historic period for the church. Western freedom of religion is waning. An coordinated all-out-attack by the prince of the power of the air and the powers of darkness is in full swing. Now is the time to stand firm, to be vigilant, to watch what goes around us, to call sinners out of this cursed and perishing world, and to encourage believers who are considering capitulating on the unadultered, unabridged Word of God.

As the plain and public statements of the Bible become considered hate speech by an intolerant Babylonian worldview, it is not at all unreasonable to expect the unabridged Word of God to be restricted in distribution and accessibility in our lifetime. While this is already the case in other countries in the world, we’re not used to this being the case in Western thought and culture. But by God’s grace will we overcome all through Christ and be victorious.

Christians’ faith is strengthened as they spend their time reading and listening to the words of godly men, and then thinking about those words when comparing them to scripture. Since writing is thinking, writing is a strong way to mentally parse and remember what one has read and heard. It also collates a helpful body of material from which to later consult. That’s what this site is about.


Yearly - Yearly is an iPhone app I wrote that lets you systematically read your Bible in a year, with daily readings from both the Old Testament and the New Testament. If you’re not already on a good Bible reading schedule then I highly recommend this. Yearly allows you to start your annual schedule any day of the year, not just January 1, so you can get started today.